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December 8, 2020
The USDA Organic logo, in green and white text inside a circle.

What is the Difference Between Organic and Fair Trade (and Why Does It Matter)?

You’ve probably noticed the labels “organic” and “fair trade” popping up not just in the grocery store, but across all types of commerce — from coffee […]
December 9, 2020
A person in a white uniform and green latex gloves holds two glass jars containing white pills and capsules filled with grey herbs.

Are Vitamin and Supplements Good For You?

  There’s no doubt that the vitamins and supplements industry is popular — in 2019 the American Osteopathic Association found that 86% of American adults take some […]
December 9, 2020
Two glasses of herbal tea

A Guide to the 8 Most Versatile and Beneficial Medicinal Plants and Herbs

  Using medicinal plants and healing herbs in place of, or as a supplement to, over-the-counter-medications and prescriptions is one of the many trends defining the wellness […]
December 10, 2020
A photo of people in a room engaging in exercise

Trends Defining the Wellness Industry (And How You Can Harness Them for Your Health)

The road to personal health and wellness has built a $4.5 trillion dollar global wellness industry. The expansion of the market pivots to meet the changing trends […]