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April 5, 2021
Law theme, mallet of the judge, law enforcement officers, evidence-based cases and documents taken into account.

What is the Kratom Consumer Protection Act?

By now, most of us are aware that the United States government has increasingly become a nanny state throughout our history. And one of the chief […]
April 2, 2021
Zoomed in shot of a list of social media apps on a smartphone

The Censorship of Kratom on Social Media Platforms

The Technological Aftermath of the Capitol Protest Shortly after the event, the technology industry went after President Trump’s accounts—citing he broke the Terms of Service with […]
April 1, 2021
Young beauty woman happy relaxing smile with sunglasses, watch and white cloth blue jean trouser in summer sunset sky outdoor. People freedom style.

Kratom Alkaloids Show Less Dependent Properties Than Opioids

Present the Findings of Kratom Research to Elected Representatives Now, the scientific results from several recent studies have provided humanity with recurring conclusions. And that’s great. […]