Happy Hippo offers many of the most popular strains of kratom on the market. In this article we review Happy Hippo’s White Thai “Lightning Hippo” kratom powder; evaluating it for quality, resonation, overall value, and more. 


Happy Hippo’s “Lightning Hippo” Kratom

I put some water in a small teapot and brought it to a slow boil. I always make tea: it destroys any possible bacteria that might be present. You can never be too careful. When the water was ready, I began my daily ritual. The actual kratom powder had a light green color. From its silky smooth texture, I could tell the supplier made sure to grind all of the kratom leaves until there was nothing left in the grinder except a completely fine material. As I dipped out the powder, its soft satiny consistency poured into the lightly boiling water and immediately started merging with the rolling water. The smell whiffed up to greet my nostrils, leaving behind a faint earthly sweet smell that I recognized and loved.

Once the kratom tea had finished a light boil for about 12 minutes, I took it off the stove and poured it into my cup. The steam left condensation on the lip of the glass, giving me the cue to let it sit and cool before taking a sip. I waited a few minutes and came back, lifting the cup and letting its contents swish in my mouth. Its taste was a combination of mild bitterness, mixed with an herbal flavor reminiscent of green tea. Some people cannot bear the bite of kratom. But to me, it’s a palatable experience I’ve grown quite fond of over the years. And before too long, the familiar effects were felt in my psyche.


Happy Hippo’s “Lightning Hippo” Kratom Is an Energy Booster

First off, I’m not a morning person. I can tell you that for sure. Don’t get me wrong. I can easily pretend that I am when I have to, but for the most part, I’d prefer not to have to act at all. And that’s why I always rush to drink as much coffee or kratom as I can in the morning. It manages to give me the exact boost I need. But here lately, I’ve been limiting my coffee intake—it’s too acidic to drink the amounts I do, so I’ve started consuming quite a bit more kratom this past year.


That’s why I’m a huge fan of the faster speeds of kratom because they always get the job done: hence, my selection of Lightning Hippo. And to be honest, the variety is like putting a bunch of fireworks inside a cup of tea: the immense feeling of emotional explosion follows shortly after finishing the first cup. I kid you not. Yes, it’s that good!


Happy Hippo Herbal’s white Thai elite kratom, branded as Lightning Hippo, is actually one of the faster varieties the company carries. While it’s not the fastest in the company’s arsenal, it almost is. And for a person that’s trying to shake off the scent of the Sandman from the night prior, there is no better type of kratom to choose first thing in the morning. With a faster kratom variety, you don’t have to make as many cups or use more kratom than necessary.  


How Happy Hippo’s “Lightning Hippo” Kratom Made Me Feel

Now, when taking kratom, the speed of the powder isn’t the only part of the equation that truly matters. Another huge part of the formula is the mood it helps to develop. And there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to inform you of which kratom variety will provide a specific mood enhancement. Since everyone’s brain chemistry reacts differently to certain substances—your neural network might be hardwired in another manner than mine—I can only inform about how the brand personally affected my outlook.

It creates an energetic, uplifting feeling that puts me in a better frame of mine while keeping me focused on the task at hand, which in my case is pounding out a few articles for a client. So it’s extremely important that I never overindulge on too much tea. If I were to have quite a few cups, then the jitteriness would undoubtedly find its way to my fingertips, tripping those appendages over one another and causing difficulties with utilizing my craft: that’s surely not what I need to happen today.

And Lightning Hippo finds that balance somewhere in the middle for both. It helps to brighten up my spirits and puts my concentration on full throttle. Both are required at this moment to keep me pressing forward with my tasks, as I still battle with the last bit of fogginess of the morning and force it directly outside of my consciousness. The stimulating effects brought my alertness to its peak, and I hammer away on the keyboard.


Lightning Hippo Is One of My Favorite Kratom Brands

Overall, the effects I received from Happy Hippo’s Lightning Hippo brand were certainly worthwhile and never disappointed me in the slightest. And trust me. I can be very picky when it comes to the kratom that I purchase to make my tea with. So I never give any kratom company kudos unless they really deserve it. That means you can definitely believe me when I tell you that Lightning Hippo is actually worth the investment. It lives up to its branding.

But as I have already warned you ahead of time, Lightning Hippo is a very fast speed of kratom. So if you don’t prefer a good exhilarating rush when you take your kratom, then you might want to think about another variety. However, you never have to worry; Happy Hippo Herbals has a wide selection of kratom products for you to choose from. And they even list those selections under the type of speeds of the kratom: slow, moderate, and fast. And that makes it an uncomplicated process to find the perfect type of kratom products to buy.

If you have further questions, you can always contact Happy Hippo Herbals to speak with a customer service representative. I can honestly tell you that its customer service support is phenomenal. And you’ll never feel rushed or unwanted by any of the employees. They always remain friendly and professional throughout the entire experience.  

In the end, I give Happy Hippo a score of 10 out of 10—all the way round.

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