VENDOR: Happy Hippo

PRODUCT: Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo) Kratom Powder


Green Maeng Da is a great staple for anyone. I use it regularly to increase my mood and scare away a bad case of the “Mondays”. The Green Maeng Da Kratom powder (Hyper Hippo) from Happy Hippo is one of my favorites. I’m here to tell you why.

Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder Product Quality

Happy Hippo gives all of their Kratom strains amusing names. Some of them are pretty funny and I can’t help but giggle. They call their Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder “Hyper Hippo” and for the sake of this review, I’m going to refer to it by that name.

I remember the first time I ever tried Hyper Hippo. I (not so accidentally) took way too much. For my serving size, I started at 3 grams (my usual), thinking it would be perfect. Hmmm… nope. I experienced some slight nausea, which is a HUGE indicator that I took too large of a serving. It was bizarre because 2 grams usually always does the trick for me.

A few days later, I tried Hyper Hippo again at 1 1/2 gram. Much better. In fact, it was wonderful! I seriously felt like a whole new person. My mood was incredible. My thoughts were calm and collected, but I also felt really upbeat and inspired. It was the classic Green Maeng Da feeling that I know and love, but honestly, even better!

I got a ton of work done that day – including cleaning out my nightmare of a basement! I think the energy kick lasted about 3-4 hours. After the hefty cleaning job and my energy boost subsided, I felt content and laid-back. I was able to relax and focus on reading my book for a little while. 

My first experience was so great that I wanted to recreate it. 

From there, I’d use Hyper Hippo at least once a day, every day. And by the 4th week, I noticed the effects just weren’t the same. They seemed dimmer and less satisfying. I kept trying though – having to gradually increase my serving size each time. As it turns out, I was using it far too frequently and my tolerance built up quickly.

Geek Note: Kratom tolerance isn’t unique to Hyper Hippo or Green Maeng Da. If you use any strain every day – you will build a tolerance. The best way to avoid Kratom tolerance is to ‘rotate’ your strains. This is particularly important if use Kratom regularly. 

Don’t worry. I learned from my mistakes. Now I use Hyper Hippo sparingly – like a special treat on those days when I really need it. It works great that way. Since then, I always have a little in my stash when I need it.

Remember… We must enjoy all good things in moderation!

Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder (Hyper Hippo) Product Details: 

  • Kratom powders are pre-sterilized at 170 degrees 
  • Lab-tested for salmonella and e.coli 
  • No additives or botanical fillers
  • Available in sizes 1 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, ½ Kilo, 1 Kilo, and 100ct Kratom capsules 
  • Harvested from fully mature Kratom trees

Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder Pricing

Kratom powder at Happy Hippo is slightly more expensive than other vendors. But you get what you pay for. 

Happy Hippo has very consistent batches and very little variance. The batch-to-batch effects are nearly identical.  I have never gotten a “jittery” batch. I hate that feeling.

Geek Note: In general, more expensive Kratom tends to go further than cheaper Kratom. Lasts longer, requires smaller serving sizes, and consistent batches. 

Hyper Hippo is their #1 best-selling strain, so it’s the most expensive powder they have available.

Hyper Hippo Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder pricing: 

  • 1 oz bag = $11.99
  • 4 oz bag = $39.99 
  • 8 oz bag = $74.99
  • ½ Kilo bag = $144.99
  • 1 Kilo bag = $224.99
  • 100 ct Kratom capsule bag = $20.00

The Final Verdict on Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder from Happy Hippo

It’s great quality Kratom. There’s a reason why it’s their most popular strain. I’ve tried many different strains from Happy Hippo and Hyper Hippo instantly became my favorite. 

As I’ve already explained, I try to use my favorite strains in moderation because I don’t want to build a tolerance. I take it (around) once or twice a week. I like to use Hyper Hippo on days when I’m feeling abnormally grumpy and lethargic. It helps me stay positive and push through the bullsh*t. Occasionally I need that extra kick in the butt. I also use it for physical energy. Sometimes it’s to help prepare for a workout, sometimes it’s just to get me off of the couch to make dinner. Either way, it gets my body moving! 

Take heed. You really don’t need much to feel the effects. Start with a lower amount than you usually would for your first time. A smaller bag will likely last you a long time if used properly.

Full disclosure – I’ve been using Happy Hippo’s Kratom for a few years now. Personally, I think their product is consistently good. I’ve only bought one strain that didn’t work well for me, but their customer service made things right without hesitation.

Happy Hippo Green Maeng Da Coupon! 

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