Over in Southeast Asia, an indigenous tree grows known as Mitragyna speciosa. However, you’ve probably heard it called by a different name: Kratom. Its leaves have been used for centuries by locals as folk medicine. Now, the western world has finally learned about its miraculous properties.

The number of Kratom companies grows each year, and so does the quantity of the products offered. The potency can differ from one to the next. Still, to maintain optimal effectiveness, one must manage the serving size no matter which product gets selected. Otherwise, you run the risk of taking too much. And that can lead to unwanted side effects.

We’re here to help you learn the best way to find your optimal kratom dosage. Before we get ahead of ourselves, we should go over a few things first. We’ll start with the topic of why people like to take Kratom.

Why Do People Take Kratom?

A significant amount of Kratom consumers use the plant to combat physical discomfort. The two primary alkaloids in Kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine – both play notable roles in pain reduction.

  1. Mitragynine: This compound has analgesic effects and it’s the most abundant. Out of all the total alkaloids in Kratom, its concentration can get as high as 66%.
  2. 7-Hydroxymitragynine: This compound comes from the oxidation of mitragynine, making it a more potent analgesic compound than its precursor. However, the concentration of the alkaloid is limited. We find less than 2% of the molecular structure in the total alkaloids.

There are other compounds found inside Kratom, too. The plant has over 40 active alkaloids.

Different Kratom strains have contrasting alkaloid profiles. That alters the effects. So, some varieties are better than others for specific ailments.

Here are a few other reasons that people take Kratom:

  • Energy: Small amounts ward off fatigue. 
  • Sleep: Larger servings of Kratom can bring about drowsiness. 
  • Improve Mood: Moderate servings help uplift the emotional spirit. 
  • Reduce Anxiety: Moderate servings work to reduce uneasy feelings. 
  • Relaxation: Larger servings allow the muscles to relax. 

Types of Kratom Products on the Market

Nowadays, the number of Kratom products hitting the market is growing exponentially. Shortly, there will be as many as the cannabis industry! Just give it some time. Currently, most of the products fall under specific segments.

  • Kratom Powder: The powdered form of Kratom is the most accessible product. Some companies have over 40 strains. You can find a variety for everyone. As well, you can purchase Kratom powder in grams, ounces, or kilograms.
  • Kratom Capsules: Manufacturers fill gelatin capsules with Kratom powder for consumers. Some companies sell them in bulk weight, but most companies sell them in quantities of 100, 250, 500, 1000, or 2000 capsules. 
  • Kratom Extracts: The most potent Kratom products are extracts. These products went through an extraction process to concentrate and isolate the alkaloids. There are four primary extract products.
    • Kratom Extract Liquids: These beverages or oils contain Kratom extracts. The label lists the concentration.
    • Kratom Extract Powder: The most common form of an extract is powder. The concentrations vary. Use it sparingly.
    • Kratom Extract Crystals: This extract is like powder, except it’s a fine crystallized form of powdered extract. Concentrations also vary.
    • Kratom Extract Edibles: These snacks have a measured serving size of extracts as an ingredient. Read the label to determine the proper amount needed.  

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How to Use Kratom to Gain Its Benefits

There are various methods to use Kratom. You can experiment with each one individually to see how they work. Some processes work better than others in specific instances, and the results can vary from user to user.

  1. Kratom Tea: Tea can be made with Kratom powder to create a beverage for you to drink. You can either steep the powder in water that has been boiled or allow it to bathe in a rolling boil. You can use a coffee filter to strain the plant matter. Or you can ingest it all.  Mask the bitter taste with juices or sweetening agents.
  2. Toss and Wash: If you have powder and the flavor is unbearable, you can use the toss and wash method. Toss the powder in your mouth with a spoon and chug a drink afterward. You can also use edible oblate discs to parachute the powder instead.
  3. Kratom Capsules: One of the easiest methods to take is Kratom capsules. You swallow the gelatin capsules like a pill.
  4. Kratom Extracts: You can add these potent extracts to beverages or food products. A much smaller serving size is needed, though. Be cautious!
  5. Mixing with Food: Another way to mask the taste of Kratom powder is to mix it with food like ice cream or apple sauce.


Does Kratom Have Any Side Effects?

For the most part, Kratom is a safe product. Take it sparingly and stay within the recommended serving sizes, and you shouldn’t have complications. However, there are a few insignificant side effects that might occur.

  • Constipation: Kratom dehydrates the body, which causes constipation. You should drink more water than usual while taking kratom.
  • Kratom Tolerance: Prolonged use can create a tolerance to Kratom alkaloids, so use it sparingly. Also, take breaks on occasion.
  • Nausea: This usually occurs whenever someone has taken too much and too quickly. Wait until the effects subside. Then nausea should go away.
  • Allergic Response: Kratom is a plant. And allergic reactions are possible. Before you ingest it, try rubbing some on your skin. If a rash or hive forms, discontinue its use immediately. 

Some Kratom users report they take more Kratom than is recommended. On Reddit forums, you can read that some consumers take 15 to 20 grams per serving. On occasion, some state they might take more. But right now, nobody can say if that’s safe. We don’t have enough scientific research on the matter. We do know severe side effects can occur during higher serving sizes. So for your safety, always use Kratom responsibly.


Guidelines to Find Your Ideal Kratom Dosage

Your ideal Kratom dosage probably won’t be the same as everyone else. The reason you’re taking Kratom can be different from another consumer. So, a generalized Kratom serving makes absolutely no sense. Instead, try experimenting with different sizes to find the optimal measurement for your needs. But start small. A gram or two is all you need in the beginning. Wait an hour and see how you feel. Then slowly add another gram if necessary. Commence with the same process until you’ve found the perfect serving size for you. Even then, other factors can come into play.

The Kratom strain you purchase can change the amount necessary to feel the effects. That’s because the compositions of organic compounds found in those products can be significantly different than other strains. The alkaloid profiles of various Kratom strains change the potency.

Not all crops are equal. Some farmers put more effort and nourishment into their tree plantations. Those farmers typically charge more. Unfortunately, some companies look for the cheapest Kratom on the market. Common sense tells you those Kratom products will always be inferior to a superior product. Best tip: buy from a reputable Kratom vendor instead of looking for cheap deals.

How to Measure Your Kratom Dosage

There are lots of Kratom products. The drinks, extracts, and capsules should have the alkaloid concentration or measurement on the label. Use that content to determine your serving size.

The Kratom leaf adds more complexity to the issue. Most Kratom consumers state they eyeball their Kratom serving with spoons. They try to keep it at a consistent level, but, there are different types of Kratom leaf products and a change in the product switches the amount of Kratom used.

For example, the crushed leaf looks like an herbal tea because it has a coarse texture. Those pieces of leaf take up more space. So, a teaspoonful of crushed Kratom leaf would have significantly less Kratom matter than powdered Kratom. Powdered kratom products are different, too. Some go through a refining process which creates a fine consistency. Once again, a finely ground powder would have more matter in the spoon than a clumpy product.

For an accurate measurement, it’s best to use a digital scale to weigh your serving size out. But remember that different strains might call for a heftier serving than others.

Kratom Powder Vs. Extract Dosage

We should touch upon the Kratom serving sizes of Kratom extracts. You see, there are different types on the market. Some of them come in beverages, but others are in a crystalline or powdered form. That can confuse newer Kratom users. From the appearance of Kratom extract powder, it’s challenging to distinguish it from regular Kratom. Novice Kratom consumers likely can’t differentiate the two from sight alone. But once ingested, they’re different. The extract is more potent, meaning you need much less of it.

While Kratom extracts contain a concentrated dose of active alkaloids, they can vary from product to product. Some can even be twice as strong as Kratom powder. However, some extracts might be 10 or 20 times more potent. It’s important to pay attention to the ratio of alkaloid concentration in each product. Try to keep your serving of alkaloids the same as you would in the powdered form. That stops you from building up a tolerance.

Kratom tolerance can build up rather quickly, so, your best bet is to keep the amount taken down to a minimum. 

What Are Kratom Speeds?

The consensus in the Kratom community is the vein color correlates to the Kratom effects. For instance, red veins are perfect for discomfort relief and relaxation. White veins provide the user with energy, and green veins are a combination of the two. However, there are so many Kratom strains on the market that the effects of each one become a bit more complicated to pin down.

Instead, we find it more accurate to depict every Kratom strain on its merits and we can decipher those effects more precisely through a Kratom speed chart. That lets us place the different varieties under a three-tiered system that goes from the fastest leaf strains to the moderate ones and finally onto the slowest ones. Each speed gives some insight into the overall effects of the leaf.


  1. For starters, the fast leaf Kratom products are more energetic. You’ll want to take these strains in the morning or when you need to accomplish your goals. These are the best Kratom strains for motivation and productivity.
  2. Next, you have the moderate leaf Kratom products. These strains have more balanced effects. They stabilize your mood and focus. 
  3. Finally, there are slow leaf Kratom products. These strains are great to take in the evening time. They provide relaxation and discomfort relieving effects for the consumer. 

How Long Do the Effects of Kratom Last?

The duration of Kratom effects correlates with the serving size and strain. For instance, Kratom consumers use a relatively small serving for energy. For them, a cup of Kratom tea takes about 30-45 minutes for the alkaloids to hit the bloodstream. After that, the peak effects occur between 90 minutes to a two-hour window. And then those effects start tapering a couple of hours later.

Some people take larger servings for pain and it helps the effects of the Kratom last a bit longer. The larger the serving size, the longer you’ll feel it. It’s the same concept as people who drink multiple cups of coffee in a short period. It takes more time for that caffeine to stop working so effectively.

Plus, the Kratom product changes the formula. Kratom capsules are gelatin caps with Kratom inside them, so, the stomach must dissolve the capsule first. That takes about 20-30 minutes. Then the stomach starts breaking down the Kratom. That’s another 30 minutes. The effects of capsules don’t begin until about an hour after taking them.

Kratom extracts, on the other hand, are felt quicker than powder. The effects happen about 20 minutes after ingestion since those alkaloids are part of a concentrated serving size.

Kratom Dosage Effects Chart

For new Kratom users, you always want to start with smaller serving sizes. Without any tolerance built up, the effects can be more intense. 


Less than a gram Micro-serving Slight stimulation
1 to 2 grams Standard serving Energetic Feeling Mood Elevated
2 to 5 grams Moderate serving Relaxation Sociability Increases Uneasy Feelings Fade Relief from Discomfort
5 to 8 grams Potent serving Very Happy & Mood Elevating Peak Analgesic Properties Strong Sedative Effects
Over 8 grams Very Potent serving Only for Experienced Users with Tolerance, Some Unwanted Side Effects Become Noticeable; Not Recommended


Use caution with anything that goes over the ten-gram threshold. Only very experienced long-term users should try it. We understand some people have severe discomfort that needs to be eased, but please, only take what is necessary

  • Note: Scientific research has not covered how large servings of Kratom react to our bodies after prolonged use. Some Kratom consumers take over 10 grams per sitting. Some even go much higher. Until the science shows that it’s safe, consumers should act responsibly and stick to lower servings. After all, high servings of all therapeutic compounds can have adverse reactions to our bodies. B safe and keep it at a minimum. 

Kratom Dosage for Energy

 With every day that passes, the world becomes more fast-paced. It’s just the name of the game. People do their best to keep up with the rat race. Most turn to coffee for its stimulating effects, but did you know that coffee and Kratom plants are related?

Both plants actually have similar effects when consumed. The alkaloids provide a burst of energy. However, there are slight differences between them. For instance, more coffee consumption produces more stimulation to the nervous system, but the opposite is true for Kratom. Drinking less Kratom tea is more effective for those who want energy.

Besides taking a smaller serving size, you might want to try a Kratom strain that helps battle fatigue. Users report white-veined Kratom has more stimulating properties than the others. Try the white vein Malay strain. The effects of that Kratom are on par with a large cup of coffee.

Try to remember that smaller servings produce more energy. Try to stay closer to 1-2 grams.

Kratom Dosage for Relaxation

People take Kratom for other things than energy. They also use Kratom to help them relax. I know, it sounds weird. You never hear anyone say they drink coffee to help them wind down from a long day. Interestingly enough, Kratom works differently.

Coffee has one active compound that stimulates the central nervous system. Kratom, on the other hand, has quite a few active compounds that synchronize together to produce a variety of effects.

Different Kratom strains have various chemical profiles within them. This means that some are better for allowing the consumer to calm down and relax. For instance, the red vein Borneo kratom strain lets you unwind. However, your mind remains in a creative state so that you can stay mentally focused.

Now, since you’re not looking to stimulate the body, the opposite is true when serving for relaxation. You want a slightly heavier serving size of Kratom to get those effects. Try starting with a few of grams (2-3). If that works, then sit back and enjoy. But sometimes, we find ourselves needing a bit more to reach that state of Zen. In that case, take another gram, and you should feel fine.

Kratom Dosage for Uneasy Feelings

Some Kratom users say it works wonders for their negative thoughts and mental struggles. Others say it helps keep their attention span in check.

That doesn’t mean you should start taking Kratom instead of your medication. You should maintain any medical regimen set out by your doctors–regardless of what others say on the internet. 

Still, it doesn’t hurt to use herbal components from nature to your advantage, too. But you want to buy the right Kratom strain to assist you.

Kratom users swear that green-veined Kratom strains have moderate effects. Its properties fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Green veins don’t perk you up, nor do they make you tired. The compounds are the perfect balance for dealing with life in a more blissful state of mind. 

One of the best products on the market for dealing with stress is the green vein Malay kratom strain. It lets you continue to be yourself without any pestering negative feelings. Try to stick between a gram or two. 

Kratom Dosage for Discomfort Relief

 One of the primary reasons people start taking Kratom is to make their daily physical discomfort more bearable. Kratom has anti-inflammation properties, too. Some users take Kratom to reduce the discomfort from multiple different ailments.

Fortunately, those Kratom effects are not just hearsay. Plenty of scientific experiments back up the claim. The data indicates Kratom shows potential as a discomfort reliever. So, it’s not a wild notion from the herbal community. 

Scientists ruled out the possibility of a placebo effect, too. We should see more studies supporting its discomfort-relieving properties in the coming years.

According to the Kratom community, the red-veined varieties are the best. One Kratom product, the red vein kali kratom strain, provides exceptional relief from physical discomfort. It’s a good strain for those who suffer daily from chronic issues.

You might need more than a couple of grams. However, you want to keep your serving size to a minimum. Start at two grams and work slowly upward from there if necessary.

Formulating the Perfect Kratom Dosage

 As you see, there isn’t a set standard for Kratom serving sizes. As we’ve discussed, people take Kratom for various reasons. 

The amount of Kratom you take can alter its effects. Plus, each Kratom strain contains a different composition of alkaloids, making the serving differ. There’s a lot to process whenever formulating a proper Kratom serving size to suit your needs.

Also, you need to consider your Kratom supply.

Not all Kratom products are equal. Two vendors might sell identical strains on the label. However, the Kratom powder in the bags is different. There are thousands of farmers growing Kratom over in Indonesia and some of them produce a superior product, which can make the Kratom more expensive. Buying cheap Kratom can cost you more in the long run.

Buying Kratom from a respectable Kratom company is the key to keeping your Kratom serving sizes to a minimum. Less is needed whenever you have high-quality Kratom. After shopping around with online vendors, you’ll find the best Kratom company is Happy Hippo Herbals. Don’t just take our word for it. They’re an approved vendor by the American Kratom Association. That’s a recommendation you can trust.

*Disclaimer: This blog article uses the term “dosage” for SEO purposes only, as Kratom is not sold for medicinal purposes.

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