Kratom comes in a variety of forms and in this article we’re going to explore the pros and cons of both Kratom Capsules and kratom powder, giving you some valuable insight into the kratom products that will serve you best.


The Kratom Crowd Varies

As you introduce yourself and get to know the other people within the kratom community, you’ll understand that it’s a diverse crowd from all walks of life. And we’re not only talking about their occupations, hobbies, or interests, either. No, I’m also referencing their affinity for the kratom plant.

You see, it’s no secret that they all share a passion for the consumption of kratom. But there’s a complex network of users that have differences of opinions about which varieties of kratom are the best. Friendly arguments are hashed over and over again about the best kratom brands. And to top that off, bickering between kratom consumers commences to this day about their preferred methods for taking kratom as well. They’re actually outspoken about it.

After learning about the kratom culture, you’ll realize most kratom consumers typically fall under one of two categories. They always purchase kratom powder and won’t ever think about going another route, or they are kratom capsules fans to the end and can’t wait to talk you into giving it a shot. Now, there are a few instances where they’re willing to switch back and forth (like me), but even then, they have a preference to one or the other.

And since those are the two primary camps within the kratom community, I felt we should discuss more about those options. That way, you’ll understand a bit more and can make your own educated decision about which type of product would best fit your lifestyle.  


Taking Kratom Capsules

Even though I prefer taking my kratom by making a hot cup of tea, that might not be your cup of tea (pun intended). Perhaps the taste is a bit much for you: it is for a lot of people. Maybe you live a hectic lifestyle, and boiling a pot of tea repeatedly throughout the day might be out of the question. Trust me. We’ve all been there. You need not worry. There are still other viable ways to get kratom into your system. And this particular way makes it a swift project.

Most kratom companies offer other products besides packages of kratom powder. Looking online, you’ll find most vendors offer different varieties of kratom in capsule form. And that makes it very easy to take your kratom and know exactly the amount you’re ingesting, even when you’re on the go. Just open up a bottle and swallow a few capsules.

And if you’re trying to be a frugal shopper (kratom powder is a better value), then you can always purchase the kratom powder of your choice and fill your very own capsules at home. There a few different types of capsule filling machines on the market. Some are more costly than others. But, as is usual in those cases, you get what you pay for.

I would like to note that making your own kratom filled capsules can be very time-consuming. So if time was already an issue, purchasing a bottle of kratom capsules might be your best bet.


Taking Kratom Powder

Making your own kratom capsules means you have to purchase kratom powder, too. And since you already have some powder on hand, you might want to give it a shot before putting it in the capsules. With kratom powder, there are a couple of different ways that you can take it. My tried-and-true technique for kratom powder is to bring a teapot to a light boil and toss in my serving of kratom, allowing it to steep in the water. I let that to go on for at least 10 minutes before I take the pot off the stove. And I do that because I like to make sure that any type of gram-negative bacteria—like salmonella—is destroyed by thoroughly heating it past its survival point.

But there are other ways for you to take your kratom powder, too. Tea is only but one. A lot of people say they prefer to toss and wash their kratom: throwing a spoonful of kratom into the back of their throat and chugging some sort of chaser immediately afterward. They state it helps with the acrid taste of kratom. (These people obviously don’t like the flavor of kratom—it’s an acquired taste for some.)

Yet, still others take their kratom powder by parachuting it. And that’s performed by placing a bit of kratom inside a small piece of toilet paper and twisting the end shut and chugging it down with a drink. (Rice paper and oblate discs will work perfectly fine, too.)


Explore All the Options and See What Works for You

It really doesn’t matter which way you prefer to take kratom. The choice is up to you. Both types of kratom (the powder and capsules form) will provide you with the adequate therapeutic effects you’re looking to obtain. But one way might react a bit differently with your body chemistry than the other one will. Some people claim that capsules take hold in their systems the fastest. Others state kratom powder works quicker. (I’m one of the latter.) But you’ll never know unless you try both ways. So get some of your favorite kratom variety in powder and capsule and experiment.

Even though I mainly take my kratom by making a cup of tea and drinking it, I still take kratom capsules on occasion. There are times when I’m on the road and don’t have access to a stove or boiling water. When I’m in an important meeting that’s running too long, I can’t tell them I’ll be right back so that I can grab a cup of tea. It’s during those moments that I reach for a few kratom capsules, pop them quickly, and get on with my daily routine. Utilizing the two different kratom forms for separate scenarios allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds: either the ease of use of kratom capsules or better functionality for my body chemistry.

That’s something for you to ponder when making the final decision. Perhaps, you don’t have to choose one type or the other. Maybe they both work.

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