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When reading things online or chatting amongst the Kratom community, you might have seen some terms or phrases that are unfamiliar to you.

Sometimes, Kratom users will use ‘slang’ when discussing Kratom use. Due to Kratom’s controversy in the US, some people prefer utilizing slang terms to communicate their personal experiences with Kratom.

In this guide, we are going to provide brief definitions of 15 common Kratom vocabulary words. Some correlate to science, while others are used in the kratom community.


Let’s get started!

Alkaloid: Alkaloids are compounds that are naturally present in Kratom leaves. They are responsible for the effects that Kratom provides. Some alkaloids include Mitragynine, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, Paynantheine, Speciogynine, and Mitraphylline.


Alkaloid Content: The alkaloid levels present in a Kratom strain as a result of testing. 


Burn: Some Kratom users refer to the act of using Kratom as “burn” or “burning”.

“Hey bro, do you want to go burn with me?”


Caps: Capsules containing a calculated amount of Kratom powder are oftentimes called “Caps”.

“I like to use caps because I can’t stand the taste of Kratom.”


Full-Spectrum Extract: A Kratom extract that contains all of Kratom’s alkaloids, not just the primary ones (Mitragynine or 7-Hydroxymitragynine). 


K-Shot: A measured amount of Kratom Extract packaged in a shot form. K-shots can be combined with other botanical extracts.

“I downed a K-Shot today before the gym, I’m ready to go!!”


Mitragyna Speciosa: The official scientific botanical name for the Kratom tree.


Mitragynine (Mitra): The most bountiful alkaloid in Kratom, and the primary alkaloid used to make Kratom extracts. 


Parachute: “Parachute” or “Parachuting” refers to wrapping loose Kratom powder in an oblate disc before swallowing it whole. Some people choose to take Kratom in this fashion. 

“I just parachuted 3 grams of Red Maeng Da!”


Kratom Potentiator: A natural herbal ingredient that enhances the effects of Kratom

Kratom Red Bubble Technique:
A method of consuming Kratom that involves potentiating Kratom Tea by freezing it until the alkaloids compact. As a result, a red lump forms in the frozen botanical material. Kratom users refer to that as the “Red Bubble”.

“I tried the Kratom Red Bubble yesterday and I noticed my experience was more pronounced.”


Kratom Strain: A variation of Kratom classified by the vein color or region it derives from.

“White Maeng Da is my favorite Kratom strain.”


SWIM: SWIM stands for “Someone who isn’t me”.

“SWIM combined 2 grams of Red Borneo and 2 grams of Green Borneo. They said it was a great combo!”

Kratom Toss and Wash:
A method of consuming Kratom power. It involves putting a scoop of powder in your mouth and washing it down with a beverage such as water.

“I’ll be there in a minute, I’m going to do a quick Toss and Wash first!”

7-Hydroxymitragynine (7-OH):
The second most bountiful alkaloid in Kratom. 


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