There are multiple methods to take kratom. When listening to people talk about how they choose to ingest kratom, you’ll finally understand there are many more ways to do that than there are of the different kratom varieties for you to choose. And that’s saying a lot. Some of the kratom vendors out there boast over 50 different kratom blends under their brand.

But even with the various ways for you to consume kratom, one way remains the traditional method for preparing kratom: tea. The indigenous people of Southeast Asia have drunk kratom tea for centuries. To them, it’s no bigger of a deal than someone drinking caffeinated tea or coffee in the United States.

Take a trip over to the native countries where kratom trees thrive. The inhabitants use the leaves of the plant as a folklore remedy for fatigue. And at higher doses of the tea, the local villagers say that you can effortlessly achieve a slight pain-reducing effect.

But the way the natives prepare their kratom is a bit different than you’ll find here. Over there, they boil large vats of kratom tea all at once, preparing the necessary amount they’ll need to get through the long day as they work in the fields. The kratom gives them the boost of energy they require to stay productive. And they sip on the additional bottles of kratom they bring to work with them to ward off becoming tired. That extra jolt of stamina seems to do the trick.



How to Make Kratom Tea

For the most part, people are going to choose between kratom capsules or powder when buying kratom products. But kratom capsules are more hassle than it’s worth to make tea. You’ll have to break them apart and pour the kratom out to use it. So the least amount of effort would be to go ahead and buy loose kratom products, whether powder or crushed leaf. But before you start, you have to determine the amount of kratom you need for your tea. After that, it’s time to start boiling your water.

When steeping tea, you want to place your kratom products inside of a teabag. You’ll need to purchase these separately. Once the water has finished boiling, fill a teacup with enough of the water that it’s almost full. Then, place the teabag in the water to let it steep. I recommend allowing the tea bag to soak in hot water for at least 5-10 minutes for the best results. A longer duration releases more alkaloids.

To get the best outcome when using tea bags, you would need to use crushed-leaf kratom. That way, the tea remains clean and has no impurities floating in the final product. You can always use powdered kratom in your teabags. But some of the small particles will leak out and collect at the bottom of your teacup. However, with a few quick stirs from a spoon, it will spread that meager buildup around. For the most part, you won’t even know it’s there.


Boiling the Tea for a Traditional Kratom Experience

Another way is to make individual pots of kratom tea as they do over in Southeast Asia. But instead of preparing a large cauldron full of tea, you can make just enough for a one-time cup of tea. You could make enough for the entire day or longer, too. It all depends upon your preference. However, you would need to keep an account of how many grams you place per cup of water. You want to be able to determine how rich each cup of tea is out of the entire batch to maintain the correct dosage desired. The longer you allow it to slightly boil, which is a simmer, then the stronger it becomes. That’s because the alkaloids in kratom are insoluble in water. So the longer it remains in heated water, the more the alkaloids are released.   

That process is the exact method I use for an everyday routine in my home. I enjoy the full-bodied flavor that results from allowing it to leach the alkaloids out of the plant matter and into the tea. It makes the kratom tea have a more robust taste (quite bitter), but it also gives it more potency. However, you need to make sure that you’re only letting the tea simmer and not a full boil. You see, the alkaloids in kratom are heat sensitive. Prolonged high temperatures will deteriorate the alkaloids that have therapeutic benefits, which is a waste of kratom. Simmering gets the job done efficiently and kills any bacteria.


Various other Means and Styles

The two previous versions of the tea we discussed are conventional styles of preparation. The prior was a rendition of traditional tea derived from the tea plant. And the latter was the Southeast Asian approach to making kratom tea. But in the 21st Century, there are plenty of other ways to prepare kratom tea.

For starters, most Americans have access to a microwave in their home. And it speeds up the entire process, especially if you’re making one cup at a time. Some people prefer to heat the water first. Then they put in the kratom. Others place the kratom in the water and then heat it. But if you pour the kratom into the cup before heating it, then you shouldn’t heat it for too long. You have to remember: remaining exposed to extremely high temperatures destroys the alkaloids found in kratom.

Another modern way to make kratom tea is to use an electric tea kettle. Plus, you can use an electric coffee mug warmer to keep the kratom tea heated while you sip on it. Some people prefer their kratom tea hot. But if you’re one of the kratom drinkers that prefer it cold, then you could always let it sit for a while to cool off. Then you can drink it.

Kratom powder is the most used product, but crushed leaf does work best for tea. Either way, the plant matter can be separated from the tea using various tools: teabags, mesh tea strainers, or cheesecloth.


Find Your Perfect Method for Kratom Tea

Now, as you can see, making kratom tea can be performed in a few different ways. And you can try each method out and see if you prefer one over the other. The trick is to find something you’re going to be able to do every single time you want kratom tea, without it seeming like a hindrance. Most people are ritualistic by nature when it comes to preparation techniques. And I fall under that category as well. So whenever you decide on your preferred routine, the odds are you’ll stick with it for the duration of your daily intake of kratom. That is unless, of course, you switch over to another method of taking kratom like purchasing kratom capsules.

But whatever way you do decide on, the kratom tea effects you’ll feel from drinking the liquid will allow you to maintain a productive workday without exhaustion wearing you down. And should a lethargic feeling start rearing its ugly head, you’ll know exactly the trick to beat it back into submission.

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