Mitragyna speciosa, more commonly known as kratom, is a Southeast Asian plant that promotes a feeling of wellbeing if you consume it. It also is said to have pain-relieving properties by the natives in the region: scientific evidence suggests the same thing. But kratom can also provide a jolt of energy for people who drink the tea. Since kratom is related to the coffee plant, then that tidbit of information should come as no surprise. And lots of kratom drinkers have started replacing their morning cups of coffee with kratom instead. It’s a bit less acidic than coffee, so it’s much easier on your stomach.

And like the coffee beans you find in the store around you, kratom is also shipped into the US from the country where it’s grown. Almost all of the kratom on the market is imported from Indonesia. Surprisingly enough, Indonesia also supplies the world with a large portion of the coffee found on the market. But unlike coffee, there’s not a local kratom-focused Starbucks on every corner to get a cup of your favorite brew. So you’ll need to look elsewhere.

And not everyone knows where to look to buy kratom. It takes some research on the first few purchases you make. And that takes a little digging. You’re most likely in that same boat since you’re reading this article. But have no fear. Kratom Geek has you covered. By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll have learned exactly where to find it.


Different Ways to Buy Kratom

Trying to find an uncommon botanical product that’s native to another country overseas makes the process of buying that item a bit difficult. But the four most common ways to find kratom products for sale are listed below.  

  • Buy from a local business in your area.

Finding an actual kratom company in your area will probably be a lot harder than you imagine. Unless there’s a high demand in your area, I doubt you’ll find any luck. But a quick Google search will provide you with that answer.

  • Buy from a headshop that sells kratom.

Even though you might not find a kratom company in your vicinity, you may find a head shop that’s close by that stocks kratom in its store. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a head shop. I’ll explain what it is. Most head shops specialize in selling drug paraphernalia and other oddities. But that’s not everyone’s typical scene.

  • Buy directly from the source in Indonesia.

You could look for a source directly from Indonesia. But most of these vendors don’t offer payment by credit card. So you’ll have to find another way to send them the money. Then you have to trust they’ll send you the kratom products. It’s a risk you’ll have to be willing to take.

  • Buy kratom online from a domestic vendor.

This is your safest bet for purchasing kratom. American kratom vendors have businesses located in the states that deal solely—or primarily—with kratom.


Things to Do Before You Buy Kratom Online

The first issue you’re going to run into once you decide to make your kratom purchase online is figuring out which kratom company to buy from. It seems like there are more and more companies popping up every day, which can wind up being a gift or a curse for the kratom industry. If the kratom vendor sets up a business to offer a superior product, then, of course, it’s a gift. That pushes the rest of the companies to do the same. Competition is always great in capitalism. However, some fly-by-night operations are just trying to make a quick buck off of unwary customers. So you need to be extremely careful and do your research prior to putting an order in.

Here are a few things to consider:


  • Contact the customer service department of the company that you’re thinking about dealing with. If their customer support is lacking, there might be a reason for that: the company isn’t a legitimate vendor.
  • Look over the kratom company’s entire site for grammatical errors. An established company will have an editorial board to make sure proper English is used. A company that can’t even master the English language will probably mirror the lack of professionalism in its business affairs.
  • Check the company’s site to make sure it tests the kratom for purity. Most dependable kratom vendors will post their laboratory analysis of the kratom products they offer, providing you with the opportunity to see the lab result before hitting the buy button.

Kratom Geek’s Recommended Vendor

There are lots of kratom vendors online that offer a variety of products. Some of those companies even sell different botanical products, too. So you have a large list to choose from. But I should warn you. Not every kratom vendor sells quality kratom. Going through the long list of companies will leave you disappointed—more times than not. But one kratom company that’s never let me down yet is Happy Hippo Herbals. Time after time, that business has proven itself to be a leader in the kratom industry. It has phenomenal customer service, kratom products of a higher caliber than the competition, and gets your kratom package to you in no time at all.

Happy Hippo has a large selection of kratom strains to choose from. But those varieties go in and out of stock at times. Don’t worry, though. That only means that new kratom selections are sure to replace them, giving you the chance to try a different type of kratom that you’ve never had before. And the best part about their website is Happy Hippo organizes the kratom selections by speed. They offer Slow, Moderate, and Fast kratom strains for you to choose from. Depending on your need, a different category might provide a suitable solution. But whenever you first wake up, you should try some of their faster varieties of kratom for your morning cup of tea instead of coffee. Those kratom strains let you start your day rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world.


Decide What Is Best For You

As you can see from what we’ve previously covered in this post, there are quite a few different routes you can take when deciding to buy kratom. Be sure you take the time to make the right choice for your scenario. Just because one way works best for someone else, doesn’t mean that’s going to be the same case for you. Life is too short to get stuck in a pattern. So if a certain commerce selection leaves you upset with a mediocre kratom product, then seek a different route next time and find another supplier. In the end, you owe it to yourself to determine which way to buy kratom works best for you.

In the end, once you’ve tried the various means at your disposal, I’m sure you’ll decide to choose a reputable vendor that you’ve found online. Most people buy their kratom in that manner. Online kratom vendors help take the guesswork out of the equation. And most kratom companies have been a part of the kratom industry for a long time. While you’re at it, give Happy Hippo Herbals a shot at your business. They will work to keep it. And you will not regret it.

Once you’ve tried some of the Happy Hippo products, drop me a line below and tell me which kratom strain was your favorite. I’d like to hear your opinion. Who knows? You might get me to switch my go-to variety to a different choice. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

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