More people are turning to a Southeast Asian herbal product called Kratom. The leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa plant are ground into a fine powder and mixed with boiling water to make Kratom tea. Once consumed, the properties of the plant produce several therapeutic benefits—energetic, relaxing, and relieving effects. The concentration of alkaloids in raw Kratom powder is limited to what nature provides.

Some people prefer having an option for a more concentrated product. Kratom companies turned to extraction methods to manufacture Kratom extracts. 

Once Kratom extracts became the norm in the industry, capitalistic ingenuity led to Kratom shooters: a condensed and concentrated form of the traditional Kratom beverage.

Some Kratom shots are more potent than others. Make sure to educate yourself on Kratom alkaloid concentrations before drinking one.

What Are Kratom Shots?

When shopping for Kratom products, you may see numerous items listed as either liquid Kratom, K shots, or Kratom energy shots. Don’t let the descriptive titles fool you. They’re all the same type of Kratom product: Kratom shooters.

Unlike traditional Kratom tea, which uses powdered leaves, these beverages use Kratom extracts. It acts as the base active ingredient for Kratom shots (some call them shooters). Now, hearing the words shot or shooter can sometimes create the imagery of drinks served in a bar. However, Kratom shots do not contain alcohol.

If you’ve never taken Kratom before, you should adhere to the suggested serving sizes on the side of the bottle. Most bottles usually contain between two to three servings.

Kratom energy shots are more potent than traditional Kratom products. Drinking one is like taking an espresso shot instead of drinking a cup of coffee, so consuming too much may leave you feeling jittery.

The concentration of active Kratom alkaloids can differ with each product. Keep that in mind and check the label to know how much you’re ingesting. One Kratom shot can have twice the Kratom compounds as another.

How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom is a botanical product related to coffee. The plant has 40 unique alkaloids. Most Kratom effects are linked to its two primary compounds: Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine (7-OH).

The other alkaloids are active, too. They react with our bodies to create novel interactions. Since each Kratom strain has distinct alkaloid profiles, the effects can differ.

Kratom compounds bind or interact with several receptors in our brains. Mitragynine and 7-OH act as opioid receptor agonists to provide relief from discomfort and create a sense of euphoria. Other Kratom alkaloids initiate chemical reactions, too. They target the adrenergic, dopamine, adenosine, and serotonin receptors.

While anecdotal reports indicate a wide range of Kratom effects, here are the most common.

Common Kratom Effects

  • Energizing and Motivating
  • Manifests a Cheerful Disposition
  • Restful Night’s Sleep
  • Relieves Daily Discomfort

Kratom is relatively safe for continual use. You should limit the serving sizes and times taken to keep Kratom tolerance at bay. Your body can develop tolerance to Kratom alkaloids in large quantities. Stick to the suggested serving sizes listed on each product.

What Is Liquid Kratom Extract?

There are various Kratom products on the market. The most common forms are powder and capsules. The dried natural leaves are crushed into a powdered form and packaged for the consumer. Those types of products are the closest to their traditional state. However, now we have Kratom extracts.

You can find powder Kratom extracts and liquid Kratom extract for sale. The manufacturer puts the Kratom through an extraction process using a food-grade ethanol solution to pull the alkaloids out of the leaves. The final product is a highly concentrated and potent form. You’ll need much less to get the same effects as the traditional Kratom powder.

The liquid Kratom extracts come in bottles with a dropper cap. Use the dropper to measure your serving. You can drop it directly on your tongue or mix it with a beverage. Pay attention to the concentration of the product. They differ. Some are 10x, 20x, or 30x the potency of raw powder.

Some companies even use liquid Kratom extracts to make edible treats. For example, you can purchase taffy chews made from liquid Kratom extracts. They’re not only potent but delicious. They’re toffee flavored, so take care when eating them! You don’t want to overindulge and eat more than directed.

What Is Full-Spectrum Extract?

Inside Kratom leaves are several Kratom alkaloids. The two compounds that produce the most effects are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine (7-OH). They’re sought after during chemical extractions. Laboratories isolate the compounds to create Kratom isolates. They usually separate one alkaloid from the rest. Sometimes, they do two: Mitragynine and 7-OH. And relatively speaking, those extracts can get the job done.

However, there is another form called a full spectrum Kratom extract. Instead of isolating individual alkaloids, all the alkaloids in Kratom are present. This form of extract keeps the traditional alkaloid profile of the plant intact.

There are benefits to using full-spectrum extracts over the isolated versions. The Kratom plant has more than 40 alkaloids in it. They all have a part to play with how Kratom makes you feel. Some promote healthy bodily functions outside of the typical Kratom effects.

Consumers swear you need less full-spectrum extract than you do the Kratom isolate since all the compounds react with one another. However, no scientific experiment has investigated the claim. We’ll have to take them at their word until such an experiment gets conducted.

What Are Kratom Shots Good For?

Kratom strains play a role in the therapeutic benefits experienced. Each variety has a unique alkaloid profile and they all perform differently. However, most Kratom shots are made with Green Maeng Da Kratom. As a result, the effects are comparable across the board. Those effects are perfect for consumers going about their daily lives.

The Most Common Effects of Kratom Energy Shots

  • Energy: Take them when heading to the gym or working around the home.
  • Focus: Take them when you need concentration for a task.
  • Boosts Social Interactions: Take them whenever you have social engagements.
  • Athletic Performance: Take them before working out at the gym. 
  • Improved Mood: Take them when you need your mood elevated.
  • Discomfort Relief: Take them when your body feels sore. 

Now, keep in mind that serving sizes influence the strength of the effects. Taking more in a limited timeframe increases the impact. Taking too much can cause side effects, so only consume suggested serving sizes.

How to Use Kratom Shots

Kratom shots are pre-made concoctions. They come packaged in small self-serve bottles that you can conveniently take anywhere. They easily fit in your pockets and you can carry them with you to your workplace, college classroom, or around town without other people noticing. You can also toss them in the pouch of your gym bag and take Kratom shots with you to the gym.

The size and appearance of Kratom shot bottles closely resemble caffeine energy shots sold in stores. And like most of those energy shots, it’s recommended to break it up into more than one serving.

Most of the consumer-friendly Kratom energy shots have a see-through window on the side of the bottle with serving indicators along the edge. Then you don’t have to guesstimate how much you’ve taken. You use the measurement indicator listed.

When taking a Kratom energy shot, you should use its recommended serving size on the bottle, especially if you’re new to Kratom. Consuming multiple servings can lead to jittery nerves and other unwanted adverse reactions. The effects of the shot are evident about a half-hour after drinking it. At least wait until then before deciding on another serving.

How Many Total Alkaloids Are in Your Average Kratom Shot?

In Kratom products, the Kratom alkaloid concentration varies with the strain. Some varieties are more potent. The potency of a specific Kratom strain can shift from one Kratom farm to the next. The growing conditions on the farms and the types of nutrients used have a lot to do with it.

Most companies stick to Green Maeng Da Kratom to produce kratom shots. That strain contains more active Kratom compounds.

On average, Kratom powder delivers approximately 15mg of Kratom alkaloids per gram.

Kratom energy shots are made with extracts, so the potency of alkaloids is much higher. A Kratom energy shot may have 2 to 3 times higher alkaloid content per serving. So it’s necessary to pace oneself when drinking them. They’re not your typical Kratom tea formula.

Most Kratom energy shots have varying concentrations of alkaloids for each brand. They can vary wildly in the industry. You should always read the label and investigate the product before drinking it. One Kratom shot product can be extremely more potent than the next. Proceed with caution.

What Are the Best Kratom Shots?

Kratom has become a household botanical product in the past decade. Kratom energy shots are relatively new. 

They recently exploded onto the market. You can find numerous Kratom shots for sale online.

Some gas stations, convenience stores, and smoke shops sell them directly to customers. But in those instances, your selections are limited to whatever they have stocked.

Now, Kratom companies have begun manufacturing flavored Kratom shots. You can choose from all your favorite fruit flavors, natural flavorings, or coffee-flavored varieties. You can even throw the latter in a cup of coffee to give it an additional kick.

We’re going to give you a helping hand to understand the complexity of the various beverages. Today, we will break down some of the most common Kratom shots sold. We’ll keep it focused on a few of the most popular companies who produce them.

  • Happy Hippo
  • MIT45
  • O.P.M.S
  • Pop Kratom

Three of those companies have multiple Kratom shots available. The potency varies for those shots. Make sure you buy one that suits your needs.

Happy Hippo Liquid Extract Shot

The first company we’ll put under the microscope is Happy Hippo Herbals. They have two different types of Kratom shots available. Their Sour Apple Kratom Shot is slightly more potent than the other. You have more selections of flavors with the Kratom Energy Shots they offer.

These Kratom shots are the perfect size to take to work, college, or the gym. Let’s face it: that’s when you need extra energy the most. Since they come in a ready-to-use recyclable bottle, it’s hassle-free.

Happy Hippo (Sour Apple) Kratom Shot

Happy Hippo carries my favorite Kratom shot—the Happy Hippo Sour Apple Kratom Shot. To me, the sour apple flavor is perfect for complementing the bitterness of Kratom. Other flavors try to mask it instead.

The bottle contains 10mL. A serving size is 5mL—about one teaspoon.

Each serving has approximately 30mg of full-spectrum alkaloids in it. Happy Hippo recommends that you only take one serving (½ bottle) in 24 hours. An entire bottle has 60mg of total alkaloids.

The shot is a full-spectrum product. It contains over 40 unique alkaloid profiles. They work together to produce an entourage effect once ingested. That boosts the overall Kratom effects.

You can buy these shots individually or purchase an entire case (12 Kratom shots). Buying them in bulk saves you money, too. That’s something to consider.

Happy Hippo Kratom Energy Shot

The other Kratom energy drink Happy Hippo offers is the Kratom Extract Energy Shot. It contains two servings per bottle.

These energy shots are bigger—two ounces. A serving size is one ounce.

The shot contains approximately 25mg of Kratom alkaloids per serving. An entire bottle has 50mg of Kratom alkaloids in total. Stick to the suggested serving size.

The best part about these Kratom shots is that they come in six delicious flavors.

Happy Hippo Kratom Energy Shot Flavors:

  • Blue Razzle — (Blue Raspberry)
  • Cherry PomPom — (Cherry Pomegranate)
  • Fruit Punch Party — (Fruit Punch)
  • Pink Lemon Drop — (Pink Lemonade)
  • Berry Pompom — (Berry Pomegranate)
  • Grapelicious — (Grape)

Each unique flavor is sure to dazzle your tastebuds. Make sure to try them all!

Not only are these energy shots caffeine-free, but they’re also sugar-free. Instead of sugar or sucrose, Kratom extract energy shots use stevia and monk fruit natural sweetener. And neither one contains calories, which means you don’t have to worry about the Kratom energy shots screwing up your diet, making them a better alternative to caffeinated energy drinks found in stores. Most common energy drinks have between 100-200 calories per serving. See the difference. 

Mit45 Kratom Extract Shots

Another business that produces Kratom shots is MIT45. They have several different versions for sale. Their flagship product is the original MIT45 Kratom Shot.

They offer other selections. We should cover them all to give a fair comparison.

MIT45 Gold Liquid Kratom Shot

The MIT45 Gold Liquid shot is the company’s leading product. Each bottle holds 15mL of full-spectrum extract: 250mg.

MIT45 states the extract is 45% Mitragynine content. So that places the shot at 112.5mg of mitragynine. 

There are approximately five servings per bottle, so take small sips. That would give you about 22.5mg per serving.

Super K Extra Strong Kratom Shot

The next shot they have is called the Super K Extra Strong Kratom shot. And they say it’s the most potent Kratom shot on the market.

It’s packed with 1300mg of their full spectrum extract. According to the MIT45 extract formula, the shot has 585mg of Mitragynine.

Each bottle has 30mL of liquid extract. And at six servings per bottle, you get a whopping 97.5mg per serving. 

MIT45 Super K Special Edition Kratom Shot

You can always try their Super K Special Edition Kratom shot. Every 30mL bottle contains 600mg of full-spectrum extract. So there’s about 270mg of Mitragynine in total.

The label shows you get two servings in each bottle. That comes to 135mg of Mitragynine per serving.

MITgo Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot

The MITgo Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot comes in a pouch container. That’s part of its marketing appeal. You can easily keep it in your pockets while you’re on the go.

The half-ounce container states 150mg of extract in the active ingredient list. So it has 67.5mg of Mitragynine per shot.

OPMS Kratom Shots

Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions (O.P.M.S.) is one of the first companies to produce kratom shots. And they offer two selections.

You can choose from the original or the Black label. And we’ll cover each one below.

OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom Shot

The original OPMS Liquid Kratom Extract shot only has 8.8mL in it. But the label shows that it contains 118mg of mitragynine and .01mg of 7-OH.

They state you get three servings. So take small sips.

You should get almost 40mg of kratom alkaloids per serving.

OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot

The other shot that Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions offers is the OPMS Black Liquid Kratom shot.

It also comes in an 8.8mL size. But this shot is more potent than the gold version.

The mitragynine content of the Black label is 180mg. So with three servings per bottle, you’re looking at 60mg of mitragynine in each sip.

Pop Kratom’s K Shot

Pop Kratom also makes a kratom shot. The Pop K Shot uses a Maeng Da Kratom Extract for its active ingredient. The company description states the 15mL bottle is two servings and estimates the alkaloid concentration per serving is equivalent to 3-4 grams of natural kratom leaf.

So that’s approximately 90mg per bottle, giving you 45mg per serving.

Happy Hippo has a great article reviewing the comparison of the K Shot Vs. the liquid Sour Apple Kratom Extract Shot. And that gives you the chance to see and side-by-side review of each.

The Differences in Kratom Shot Marketing

We have covered a few companies that produce and manufacture Kratom extract shots. There are many more on the market—too many to go over.

Now, everyone enjoys a variety of products. It gives the Kratom industry the incentive to compete for customers. However, it creates a bit of confusion, too. You see, there is no set standard for identifying the potency of these shots.

Some companies describe the concentration of alkaloids through comparisons with Kratom powder. Kratom strains vary in potency, so that’s not a good indicator.

Other companies put the measurement of the Kratom extract used in the product on the label, but unless a customer knows the exact concentration of alkaloids, that information does them no good. Instead, it gives a false impression: the measurement gets confused with alkaloid content.

Instead, companies should identify the concentration of the primary alkaloids on the actual packaging. That gives the customer a more detailed description of its potency and allows for better comparison when shopping around.

Perhaps, Kratom companies should send off samples of their Kratom shots to third-party labs to get the results and use that for labeling.

Where to Buy the Best Kratom Shots

With several selections of Kratom shots, customers should educate themselves on those products.

Not all Kratom energy shots are created equal.

Some companies do not provide the necessary information for alkaloid concentration on the label, which can be problematic for the consumer.

The federal government doesn’t regulate the Kratom industry. Nonetheless, a reputable Kratom business goes the extra mile anyway.

Those companies follow strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and send off Kratom samples to an accredited third-party laboratory to test for contaminants.

Happy Hippo is one such company that pushes the envelope further.

It has Kratom product sales each month to throw its customers a lifeline.

Give them a shot for your next Kratom shot. Its customer service department is top-notch and puts others to shame.

They also have a wide selection of alternative botanicals: Maca Root, Kava, Kanna, Akuamma. You can always find something for everyone.



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